itsneverover4us (itsneverover4us) wrote in guilt_complex,

my ultimate regret

I'm sorry that I never follow through, I'm sorry that meant I had to lie to you
I'm sorry that I kept you waiting, I'm sorry that I took too long
I'm sorry that you gave up on me
I'm sorry that I hurt you so many times, I'm sorry that I let the distance grow
I'm sorry that I neglected you, I'm sorry that led you to her
I'm sorry that I could have prevented this
I'm sorry that you weren't more careful, I'm sorry that you had no say
I'm sorry it's yours and hers
I'm sorry it isn't ours
I'm sorry it wasn't me

I felt she stole my future with you. But it's my fault you were ever even with her, by not moving there when I said I would. "Are you seeing someone else?", I asked him. "I don't see why it matters, if you were here I would be with you, but you aren't." But this was before we knew.

I'm sorry I don't do what I say.
I'm sorry that you rightfully lost faith in me.
I'm still sorry it wasn't me.
It was supposed to be me.
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